This year a lot of things happened. Beautiful and ugly ones. For everybody is the some I guess.

That’s life.

Nevertheless, it was shocking for me to hear that one of my best friends of U was very ill. Life can trick us so easily. I was sure to have everything under control and all my beloved friends and relatives very close to my heart. But you can’t stop the time, distance and years are always at work to divide.

a wonderful amanita in the autumnal leaves shines like a Christmas present

I was very glad tough, as I knew that he was recovering well. So I asked him to have a hike together in the woods as soon as he was able to walk again long distances. A few months later I received the call for planning the date. I was very happy. It is a stupid thing to realize, but you really don’t know how much you care about a person until you are not so far from losing her/him.

And so the journey begins!

let me rest and heal here. under this roof of sky and branches. my soul is light.

The day is a mix of sun and mist. The ideal autumnal day. We walk slowly, my friend is still recovering and has short breath. During the walk, I remind the thousands and more good memories that we have together. The classes, the time spent studying together, the parties, the moments of late-night revelations. I was the stranger from the far mountains, he grew up between the city and the fields. He guided me through the lighthearted free-range beauties of the lowland.

the sun is setting fire to the trees while a gentle mist caresses the mountains behind.

The goal of the day is a charming little mountain lake, where we can rest our bones to the warmish sun of October and have a rustic lunch at the local shelter.

the mountain lake “lago santo” (lit. holy lake), the destination of the hike

I always felt like Autumn is the best season of the years. Every month has its charm, but only October and November can give you those “happy but melancholic feelings” that are now echoing in my chest.

up and down on a texture of leaves, feelings, and silence

I walk between mossy logs, abandoned red orange leaves and petrified mushrooms. I feel utterly calm and peaceful. I am drunken by sinuous shapes and warm colors, but my eyes are still eager to rest on the next view.

this log reminds me of a witch twisting in the fire. Sometimes nature has a deep and unconscious expressivity.

After some hours of rest and sunbathe, we start the journey back to the car. I feel anew. I am disappointed with myself for not indulging more often in simple and satisfying things like the one I am doing. But I am also happy, at my place, with my friend close to my heart.

The late sun is setting, we slowly descend between the pine needles and the moss.

Photographic reportage of social, humanitarian and environmental topics.

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